Zhang Xi-Cun


瓶梅圖 Plum Blossoms in a Vase
彩墨、絹 Color ink, Silk
45 × 90cm 庚午/1990
Imitation of an ancient painting. By Xi-Cun, in 1990 鈐印/西邨張氏 (白文)

古瓶山茶 An Antique Vase of Camellia
彩墨、絹 Color ink, Silk
117 × 36.7cm 庚辰/2000
A blessing of longevity in southern Taiwan. By Ci-Cun, in winter 2000.
鈐印/張 (白文) 西邨 (朱文)

平安吉利圖 Peace and Fortune
彩墨、絹 Color ink, Silk
28 × 90cm 庚申/1980
Imitation of an ancient painting "Peace and Fortune" of Bada Shanren. By Xi-Cun, in1980.
鈐印/西邨書畫 (朱文)

剪尾流泉圖 Little Forktails in the Stream
彩墨、絹 Color ink, Silk
60 × 90cm 壬申/1992
By Xi-Cun, in 1992.
鈐印/西邨書畫 (朱文)

奇石白荷圖 Precious Stone and White Lotus
彩墨、絹 Color ink, Silk
124.5 × 46.4cm 辛巳/2001
本無凌雲志 只愛戲寒塘
I do not have an ambition to fly high. I just love to play in the winter pond. By Xi-Cun, in winter 2001.
鈐印/西邨 (朱文)

玉堂長春圖 Everlasting Magnolia
彩墨、絹 Color ink, Silk 
132.5 × 45cm 丁卯/1987
玉堂長壽 丁卯西邨
Everlasting magnolia. By Xi-Cun, in 1987.
鈐印/西邨張氏 (白文)

喜上梅梢圖 Delightful Plum Blossoms
彩墨、絹 Color ink, Silk
60 × 90cm 庚午/1990
Imitation of the painting by Bian Wen-Jin of the Ming Dynasty. By Xi-Cun, on the Lantern Festival of 1990.
鈐印/張西邨印 (白文) 石呆 (朱文)

安居樂業圖 Scene of Peaceful Living
彩墨、絹 Color ink, Silk
58 × 84cm 丁卯/1987
Scene of peaceful living. By Xi-Cun, in autumn 1987.
鈐印/張西邨印 (白文) 石呆 (朱文)

Kingfisher in the Lotus Pond
彩墨、絹 Color ink, Silk
40 × 95cm 乙丑/1985

Sketch of a Phalaenopsis Orchid
彩墨、絹 Color ink, Silk
40 × 65cm 甲戌/1994
昔入莊周夢 幻影欲化蘭
遠走紅塵外 榮枯喜隨緣
甲戊之春 西邨
Once a butterfly appeared in the dreams of Zhuang Zhou. The phantom of the butterfly turned into an orchid. It was such a retreat from the reality that wealth and poverty made no difference to me. By Xi- Cun, in spring 1994.
鈐印/西邨 (朱文)